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August 22, 2005


Chris Evans

Kudos to SF and Jim for staying engaged in this decade long SF struggle. Our job isn't done until this is finished. When the strategy changed from litigation to conservation sale this effort became the most important single conservation move in the history of surfing, without a doubt.

When Blake took the riens from his Dad Larry in this we were all blessed with a tireless, humble and obviously imaginative leader in this effort. To think that we are as close as we now are in possibly purchasing for all time this critical watershed parcel (the Bay to Sunset...), is staggering to comprehend.

Please join me in making whatever small or large donation you can to the cause---- follow the above links to the NSLT site... Chris Evans

Pierce Flynn

Mahalo to the long lineage and ohana of surfers and North Shore lovers who have dedicated themselves to preserving the Pupukea-Paumalu land for all to enjoy. This is one of the longest joint preservation efforts in surfing history. It has involved local and visiting surfers and waterpeople, surfing clubs, environmental groups and politicians from afar. The cause has created a unifying movement for restoration and preservation that I'm sure the Hawaiian Kings and Kahunas are proud of. Let's do whatever each of us can to see this noble work completed.
Pierce Flynn

Masuo Ueda

Without doubt, Surfrider's network has been expanded to other areas, such as Europe, Australia, Brazil, Japan and Hawaii. As Japanese Surfrider, Pupukea-paumalu issue has been the first priority to work on. We made a successful visits to Obayashi headquarter last July with JJ who leads this campaign. We will spread this announcement to our surf society. Glad to be a bridge over the clean water.

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