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June 02, 2005


christopher keys

Welcome aboard, Jim!

I look forward to the challenge that awaits us. It reminds me of trying to sleep the night before surfing Sunset when all you hear is the rumbling of the ocean!

Chris Evans

Welcome Jim--- You are just what we need right now--- Let's get to 100,000, support our chapters and create victory----Chris

jim garavente

Great opening message and this blog/interaction is the right direction.

jim g./member/treemedia

victoria posthuma

Welcome aboard!!!!

Blogging has become a personal favorite for me! A way to get the message out and get the message in! It's information in the purest form; unedited by the corporate agenda; it lends itself to truth and utmost clarity. Kudos to you for using this progressive line of communication. A progressive leader is always welcome!

I spent today @ Bolsa Chica Wetlands picking up trash @ lowtide with over 80 5th graders. I personally took the opportunity to educate the parents and children involved about Surfrider Foundation. My platform was the 5th street lifeguard station @ Sunset Beach. I stood proud as a member and spoke out for Mother Ocean and our grassroots effort to save her! Those kids listened hard! Awesome! I believe VICTORY will come our way. It has to. ~peace.mahalo~

Darryl Hatheway

I guess this is not a good time to join the Surfrider blog since I will be gone for 2 weeks in the Mentawai Islands, but I was compelled to respond on what is wrong and right about today's environmentalism. As a grass-roots activist for Surfrider the past 10+ years, I have found that basic behavior modification principles can be applied to some degree. It works from the cradle to the grave with a basic philosophy of "catch them doing something good" and acknowledge it. So often we dwell on the negative and the opponents we face in our enviromental campaigns expect nothing less than to be constantly barraged with negatives - which they usually deserve of course. Lawsuits, challenges and such should not be discontinued, but, whenever possible, if our opponent does something good for the environment, praise them for it and do so publically. It will shock them and slowly turn them into an ally and hopefully change their behavior and actions that harm the environment. It works with kids, colleagues, and family, so why not corporate polluters and destroyers of the environment. Once again, we should not sacrafice our campaigns and mission to change and correct environmental wrong-doing when exposed or discovered, but we might also seek to find a fine point of praise (minor or major) when it exposes itself, and see how that can change the dynamics of a relationship and behavior of our opponents. See you all again in 2 weeks! Alive and well in Wash DC!

Mike Orbach


I would like to second everyone's compliments to Jim for creating this blog, and Darryl's urging us to point out the positive as well as the negative. I believe that will be our mark as Surfrider -- not just opposition, but creative, grass-roots positive energy. We have already demonstrated our success with this approach (recently, in Puerto Rico, New Jersey, Orange County, CA, and Washington, D.C., among others).

I hope everyone gets out in the water today (International Surf Day).


Mike Orbach
Chair, Surfrider National Board of Directors

stephen gary

I am a proponet of positive energy in that it attracts others so inclined. But, be sure there are many negative people who just dont get it. Many times they are motivated by the money, and they too have their proponets. I dont know if there has been much publicity surrounding the dumping of DDT adn PCB's off the coast in California in the 60's. 70's and maybe 80's. I request Surfrider to re-visit this debacle, publicize it, and push for more lawsuits, and or even criminal filings. I dont know if its possible at this point, but the fact remains that stuff is still lying on the bottom of the ocean floor, killing life. This story is simply out rageous that no one was sent to jail over it. I vote a push on this story is made and thoroughly investigated. Perhaps it will have an impact and futher the reason why the environmental cause needs to grow, NOW.
Our planet IS in trouble NOW, and sitting on the sidelines should not be an option. The powers that be understand only one thing; money, money, money. Let them know their way of thinking MUST change. Being Mr. Nice guy positive man has not been working, they dont pay attention. Organize, publicize, and bring lawsuits. Our access to clean water is diminishing while we sit her pondering what to do. We can sit here and be positive and go with the flow, which in case you havent noticed is NOT working, or we can fight them by our numbers, and knowing our kids futures depend on it.

Rob Beedie


Congratulations on your new position with Surfrider. While seeking new members and working on new projects just ask yourself is there any unfinished business to attend to. Indeed there is because all one has to do is take a real close look at the flailing chapters that are struggling to exist after so many years.

Ask yourself what is the retention rate of SR existing members. Ask yourself a real question that is a really important one.

WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE A NEGATIVE FEW POINT TOWARDS SURFRIDER? Yes, I agree that many have a positive vibe towards the organization but why doesn't the current membership reflect support in numbers.

The old adage that you know "surfers are just surfers" shouldn't cut it anymore because it is such a "lame" excuse.

Why does the national office expose itself and chase after publicity working mainly on the "pretty one" while ignoring less sitely breaks that may not hold the broader media interest but are no less important. The loss or destruction of any break is vitally important to the overall health of our sport and lifestyle. By being indifferent or accepting defeat, be it, clean water and/or ACCESS;especially, access will only undermine SR slowly but surely for the longterm. IT ALREADY HAS IN MANY WAYS.

How many past officers and vital supporters
left the organization with twisted views and feelings about SR? What is the real story. Did Tom Pratte himself even end up
witnessing pollution from within. Many others left although still giving their heartfelt silent support they all somehow
disconnected, some permanently.

This is fact and nothing but the truth. Ask yourself whould it be somewhat important to any organization that is trying to reshape its chapters and its "core base" to not only look outwardly for numbers but to outreach to the many who never renew.

Ask why not, send a survey, listen intently to past members views, analyze the results,
set a team up a special team up to make personal contact with each past member letting them know that they are vitally important;not only, their membership and their monetary donation and/or their time but most importantly their individual ideas and viewpoints and thoughts are vitally important in building strength and longevity to Surfrider's great mission and works yet to face all of us.

Before the elders of the coast "pass on" it is much to be learned from them. Tapping this resource will provide unmeasured dividends that will become like cement to the younger followers and future volunteers.

Time is everyone's enenmy and how time is spent should be valued by all.

Listening intently to all your membership,be it, past or present, active or inactive, Islander or landlocked surfers who are members should all stack up the same on the importance totem pole.

The best volunteers are yet to come.

While focusing on "CLEAN WATER" is important and "ACCESS ISSUES" seems to come in a close second I believe that people and their viewponts are the most important aspect of all.

It's like a minefield out there on all of the coastlines all Surfrider has to do is
listen and membership will increase tenfold.

Past supporters will flock back to the ranks. The elders will gladly serve in some capacity again. Shop membership worlwide will soar and surfers by the droves will proudly fly the SR flag openly and proudly.

Surfers will be surfers and the individuals that each of them definitely are but I know this fact well and that is whatever surfers discover and do eventually others will follow and try. It takes the masses just more time to discover beauty and freedom and why its worth protecting.

Look into a child's eyes, your child if you are lucky enough and you just may see the next world champ or better yet the greatest unknown "soul surfer" to ever climb onto a board. Better yet you just may be looking into a future new director of the Surfrider Foundation some twenty years in the making who develops into a great listener and develops the grand organization into proportions only envisioned by its founders and leaders such as Glenn Henning & Tom Pratte. Dave Skelly & good friend Rob Cauglan are defintely in the same class of pioneers.

Setting the past aside may I add that the future looks bright and we all are fortunate that people like you are appointed to lead us as surfers in new and positive directions. I wish you well and pray for your success in eack task and program that you either create and/or with all of those that arise that challenge us all.

While looking, LISTEN, to the oceans beauty.
Nature is calling each of us, to enjoy and to protect.

Rob Beedie


After reading my post above I couldn't believe all of the spelling errors.

My only excuse is that I just finished a grueling three day road trip. Chasing and catching surf sometimes overrides life's most important basic needs such as sleep.

I just sincerely hope that the content of my thoughts come across more clearly than the spelling.

Feel free to delete after reading because I have tried to reach you through Surfrider but on their main site there are no links to be found for the Board Members.

The membership and donation link is everywhere but correspondence links seem to harder to find and much harder to receive a returned reply.

Maybe they would respond better if I was donating some oceanfront property or a six figure check.

I know what it is they're busy.

Aren't we all.

Once again, delete after reading.
I should have proof read my submission before sending but I couldn't understand my own writing. Spelling pollution, horrible.

Have a Great Summer.....

Graeme Thickins

Wow, I just learned Jim Moriarty is the new Executive Director -- fantastic!! I can't think of a better choice, for us or for Jim. This is one quality guy (surfer, dad, music lover, marketing & business development pro, and on and on...), with all the right skills for the job. I have no doubt he can lead the Surfrider Foundation to a whole new level.

Congratulations, Jim, and count me in to help in any way I can. I may be land-locked here in Minneapolis most of the time (no, I haven't dared out into the frigid waves on our "North Shore," Lake Superior), but my part-time place in San Clemente thankfully keeps me connected often. Ever since that first wave in Hawaii when I lived there as a kid, and my first Velzy board at Huntington in 1964, I've been a small part of the amazing gestalt that is surfing. I'm no joiner, but I grabbed at the opportunity to be a Surfrider Foundation member at first site, right after it started up. And I've done my part to help when I can, such as with beach cleanups, whether organized or (more often) just by myself....

That's what amazes me about this organization. Surfing is an individual pursuit, yet it's also such a tremendous fraternity or bond. It's there when you shake hands with a great like Greg Noll -- you know it, you feel it -- and it's the same just watching a kid paddle out at your local break. The Surfrider Foundation is the one way we can all come together to protect what we know is much bigger than all of us -- the ocean, the sport, the love, the stoke...

Right on, Jim -- you're home.
Here's to a very bright future
for the Surfrider Foundation!

Mahalo and Aloha,
Graeme Thickins

stepen gary

Cpongrads Jim. Use this power wisely. For me, I am just another idealist out there looking at our world, seeing our future needs to be attended to now. This may be not be news to some of you, but is new to me. Off Palos Verdes in LA, lies MORE than 200,000 lbs of DDT and MORE than 20,000 lbs of PCBs. Its been called the largest Superfund toxic site yet located, and its still there. Our "government" is studying the problem. THIS IS NOT NEW NEWS. But where is the story in the press. Ive lived in LA since 93 and Im just finding out about it. My point is this: whats been done about it. NOT Much. The people responsible are probably sipping coladas in their beach front condos and feel real bad about it, but hey what can you do.
This story is one that needs to be exposed and followed up. Surfrider is someone that can do something. We surf in that crap, and its still there, just sitting there poisoning all that come in contact with it, while everyone sits around scratching their asses, saying what can we do. YOU can have an effect, but you need to do it now, in your area, otherwise this fiasco is going to be repeated. Bushits are rolling back envoronmental laws and also making laws to limit civil damage awards.....why you think this is gang? ANSWER IS: So they can CONTINUE TO POLLUTE YOUR WORLD while filling their pockets with money.....and when you get hurt by get a limited damgages award.... and then you and your kids get to live with the problems they created....while their on their yacht...
you might be right to think im pissed off and got that right....
and sitting around thinking "positive" thoughts about whats going on around here is pollyassish and allows the rape of our world to continue...if you cant see this you are part of the problem too....your apathy allows it to continue unfettered...

you see i think things can be alot better than they are...but it takes action for us to find this better future....our future is made by the dreams that we do today....

peace is a goal that takes work

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