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June 24, 2005


Rob Beedie

Now motivate Virginians and transplanted Carolinians to organize to overturn the ridiculous laws placed on surfers throughout the Virginia Coasts.

Take Croatan a well known break for instance. It was discussed in detail well before Surfrider had any chapters and the very home of its first chapter. In fact Surfrider officials walked the very beach that is restricted now because of indifference and deal making policies.

Many times local chapters fail because the issues don't seem all that important. If overcrowding and lack of access seem not very important than lack of increased membership and expansion should catch some attention.

It is great that some areas are opening up but what exactly is the overall net gain.

Win a "big one" in Virginia and watch your
membership grow extensively throughout the East Coast.

Shelve all of the excuses and organize a plan of attack and win, just win.

East Coast Surfing Championships are held in an area that actually outside of making money off of the industry really thinks surfing is a joke. They show their respect for surfers in general and local residents by placing restrictions that are but a joke to other coastal areas.

Surfers can drive 100 to 150 miles north or south and find a much more plesant reception. The landowners on the Virginia Coast twist the laws to satisfy their own personal agenda and needs.

To many surfers escaping to the Outer Banks is the solution and sometimes it may appear that it is.

Protecting the right to surf in Virginia and opening beaches that have been closed and restricted unjustly should be of top priority because winning this fight will only protect the beloved Outer Banks from greed's destruction.

National support is needed to win this fight. A well planned and guidance will assist in victory.

Maybe an educational conference will your best leaders could help come up with some improved solutions concerning Virginia Beach
Surfing Laws.

I challenge SR to do just one thing. Catch
a redeye flight out roundtrip ($250.00) and spend three days and take the same tour that Tom Pratte took before the birth of expansion for Surfrider. Walk in his shoes,
listen to his vision, here his promises which were sincere,very sincere indeed. Than pick 100 surfers at random and ask just a few questions and listen intently and you will discover answers to many questions that are asked in your board rooms.

Let's expand Surfrider to 100,000 plus members. Are you interested, if so I can probably have a plane ticket prepaid and sent to you within the week.

Let me close with extending a sincere thanks to all of you for representing surfers so well by winning your latest victories. I recognize the value of your work and all of your victories.

I challenge each of you to teach others
"how it is done". Many want to learn and are eager to apply what ever you are willing to teach.

Just consider the positive results that may come from sharing one's knowledge.

Everyone will benefit ;especially, the traveling surfer who arrives during an epic

Everyone wins.

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